1 acre Plots in DLF Chattarpur on Central Drive (Prime Location)

The Beverly Hills Feel at 1 Acre Plots in DLF Chattarpur Farm houses 

DLF Chattarpur, a South Delhi-based, gated and upscale colony of luxurious farmhouses, is known for offering the feel of Beverly Hills right in the heart of India. The area consists of 5 acres of land entirely covered with lush greenery and has internal roads leading to 1 Acre farm houses. Just a 5-minute walk from the Main Faridabad Road, DLF Chattarpur farmhouses allows owners to enjoy uninterrupted views of the verdant surroundings, which is downright comparable to that of the Beverly Hills.

DLF Chattarpur neighborhood falls in the list of 22 villages for which the 1-Acre Farmhouse Policy is now approved by the authority. Currently, Regatta Real Estates offers properties that start from farmhouses of 2-acre plots. In addition to these, Regatta has numerous other farmhouse options to suit every budget and requirement.

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