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Ready-to-move Farmhouse For Sale in Ansal, Satbari

Spread over a sprawling campus with breathtaking surroundings, Regatta Real Estate’s Cranberry House is a perfect amalgamation of luxury, royalty, and position. This luxurious farmhouse has everything to help you embrace high-class living in the posh area of South Delhi.

Loaded with all the modern amenities, ample space, lush greenery, …

15,000 sqft built up farmhouse at Sultanpur, Delhi

Located in the beautiful settings of Delhi’s outskirt, Sultanpur in Delhi, this super-luxury 1-acre farmhouse is ready for sale.
• 1 drawing room, 1 swimming pool, and 1 changing room
• 1 modular kitchen, 5 bathrooms, and 1 lounge
• 5 king-size bedrooms with Vaastu compliant …

What is the cost of a raw land for farmhouse?

Your raw land for farmhouse falls within your budget!

The survey carried by one of the real estate agencies in 2013 reported that more than 10% of population searching for residential land are interested in farmhouses. The report was quite shocking and surprising. Today, the urban cities have been surrounded with long and tall concrete buildings. Flats, condominiums and luxury apartments seem to have become the need of an hour. However, all such estimates and observations seem going a little wrong. Farmhouses are one of the prevailing demands in real estate surveyed by a reputed agency last year.

The investors prefer raw lands for farmhouses for investment. The demands are going high and by the end of year 2020, it is estimated that buying 1-acre farmhouse in South Delhi may become quite unreachable for the celebrity crowd.

Raw Land for Farmhouse available in South Delhi

The expansion in urban lifestyle has brought concrete jungles diminishing the natural habitat. Trees, herbs, birds and nature’s music have been completely eradicated from the contemporary environment. As a result, a big population has begun searching for residential apartments surrounded with lush green landscape in Delhi and NCR …

Why choose Regatta Real Estates for 1 acre gated farmhouse deal?

“If honesty needs an example, then call Regatta Real Estates to know about it.”

Real Estate is one of the wooing industry attracting investors and customers. You can be an investor or a customer looking for a residence or office building. In both the scenarios, you invest and …

The Gated Farmhouse Colonies in South Delhi

Regatta Real Estates is one of the leading real estate companies in the South Delhi region. This real estate company only deals in gated 1 acre farmhouses, 2.5 acres farmhouses, 5 acre farmhouses and farms.

The real estate company provides demarcated Delhi registry with clear …