2.5 acre Raw Land in Ansal Satbari Villas

With recent development in 1 Acre Farmhouse Policy, the South Delhi based Ansal Satbari, which consist of 2.5 acres of gated farmhouses has introduced farmhouses having 1 acre area for the people who possess an uncompromised lifestyle.

Furthermore, the recent developments in 1-acre policy have introduced some interesting 1-acre chunks of land in the area. Therefore, the customers looking for 1-acre farm can opt for Ansal Satbari now. Moreover, we also have some 2.5 acres plots properly demarcated with Delhi registry and clear title.

Ansal Satbari is located in South Delhi, which takes just a few minutes drive to reach the farmhouses. Moreover, the internal farmhouses’ roads offer a bump free passage to the luxurious and comfortable spaces.

At Regatta Real Estates you can avail the most authentic deals at competitive prices. Our survey team keeps a scrutinized eye on the area to benefit our new customers. Therefore, new and existing customers can always expect to get much better deals compared to the previous ones. To learn more about the Ansal Satbari farmhouses, feel free to give us a call!