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Why choose Regatta Real Estates for 1 acre gated farmhouse deal?

“If honesty needs an example, then call Regatta Real Estates to know about it.”

Real Estate is one of the wooing industry attracting investors and customers. You can be an investor or a customer looking for a residence or office building. In both the scenarios, you invest and …

The Gated Farmhouse Colonies in South Delhi

Regatta Real Estates is one of the leading real estate companies in the South Delhi region. This real estate company only deals in gated 1 acre farmhouses, 2.5 acres farmhouses, 5 acre farmhouses and farms.

The real estate company provides demarcated Delhi registry with clear …

3 acre Raw Land in Bhatti

A Farmhouse Location offering Value for Money Deals

Bhatti farmhouse community is located close to the Radha Swami Satsang and the famous Guruji Ka Ashram. The location has 13 acres of land consisting of demarcated 1 acre plots on both sides. Every 1 acre of plot has brick …

1 acre Raw Land in Dera Mandi

Raw Land for Farmhouses in Dera Mandi – Located in Close Proximity to Gurgaon

Dera Mandi is near to the Gurgaon Faridabad road and it has a well-connected road from Gadaipur. The location can easily be reached via main Chattarpur Mandir road. Dera Mandi is located in close proximity to …

1 acre Raw Land at Bandh Road

A Well-Connected Road to Peace and Lucrative Investments 

Bandh Road farmhouses are the most demanding luxurious spaces available in South Delhi. Bandh Road connects to the Gadaipur Mandi road and Chattarpur Mandir road. The landmark is the IIPM training facility on the Chattarpur Mandir Road.

There …

1 acre Raw Land in Sayurpur

1600 Sq Yard Raw land plot for Farmhouses

Sayurpur is a newly established colony of farmhouses located opposite to Ansal Satbari villas. Recently, the area has been notified with 1 Acre farmhouse Policy. The notification has helped in developing and cutting 1 Acre of farms and 2.5 Acres of …

1 acre Raw Land in Gadaipur Triveni

A Wise Investment Today – Making a Comfortable Lifestyle Tomorrow 

Gadaipur is located at a few minutes driveway from South Delhi and Gurgaon. The location can be reached from MG Road or through the Gurgaon Faridabad highway. Further, it has proposed 150 ft expressway, linking both the highways.

2.5 acre Raw Land in Ansal Satbari Villas

With recent development in 1 Acre Farmhouse Policy, the South Delhi based Ansal Satbari, which consist of 2.5 acres of gated farmhouses has introduced farmhouses having 1 acre area for the people who possess an uncompromised lifestyle.

Furthermore, the recent developments in 1-acre policy have introduced some interesting 1-acre chunks …

2.5 acre Built up in Dera Mandi

Dera Mandi, the location is well connected to South Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon. The location can be reached comfortably by Chattarpur Mandir road. The area has 2.5 acres of built up area designated for farmhouses. Further, there are fully developed farmhouses available in the location consisting of 6,000 …

2.5 acre farm in Mulbary Lane DLF Chattarpur

People looking for palace resembling farmhouses can end their search now. 2.5 acres of farm is available in Mulbary DLFChattarpur. The area is fully developed with internal roads, security, parking and power back. Every farmhouse is consists of 12,000 Sq Ft area, which accommodates more than 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, …