Raw Land for Farmhouse available in South Delhi

The expansion in urban lifestyle has brought concrete jungles diminishing the natural habitat. Trees, herbs, birds and nature’s music have been completely eradicated from the contemporary environment. As a result, a big population has begun searching for residential apartments surrounded with lush green landscape in Delhi and NCR region. However, among several available options, farmhouses in Delhi are one of the solutions that people has begun searching for.

Farmhouses available in South Delhi are the preferred options when compared to Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida. Regatta Real Estates is one of the real estate companies in Delhi that provide high luxury, comfortable and green farmhouses in below mentioned locations:

  • AnsalSatbari
  • DLFChattarpur
  • Gadaipur
  • Sayoorpur
  • Bandh Road
  • Dera Mandi
  • Bhatti

Aforementioned locations produce 1-acre, 2 acres, 2.5 acres, and 5 acres farmhouses. The real estate company has raw land farmhouses, and fully developed farmhouses available at much competitive prices.

The demarcated raw lands for farmhouses are provided with authentic Delhi registry. Regatta Real Estates follows entire policies and guidelines mandate by Government of India in paper work. Dealing with the respective real estate company offers flawless services that result in providing peace of mind to the customers.

Few of the most known and recently sold farmhouse locations are mentioned below:

  • 66 acre farm in AnsalSatbari
  • 2 acres farm in DLFChattarpur
  • 5 acres farm in Mulbary Lane DLFChattarpur
  • 5 acre built up in Dera Mandi
  • Mini farm, 1900 Sq Yard farms in DLFChattarpur

Hence, contacting Regatta Real Estates will provide you authentic deal, luxurious farmhouse, peace of mind, and competitive deals. Your requirement to stay in nature’s lap is just a call away.