Why choose Regatta Real Estates for 1 acre gated farmhouse deal?

“If honesty needs an example, then call Regatta Real Estates to know about it.”

Real Estate is one of the wooing industry attracting investors and customers. You can be an investor or a customer looking for a residence or office building. In both the scenarios, you invest and earn a huge profit later in years.

However, this money generating industry is also blamed with various allegations, which sometimes force you to think twice before investing into a deal. Honesty, authenticity, complete paperwork, legal aspects, value for money deals and quick possession are a few of the factors, which always go for a toss. In short, your peace of mind and satisfaction are challenged constantly.

If there is a problem, then there is a solution for it. Regatta Real Estates is one of the leading and reliable real estate companies, which acquired its name through its hard work and customer appreciation. The company neither applied any advertising medium, nor hired any PR-Agency for portraying its true deal. ‘Word of Mouth’ is the medium that company approached during its three years of tenure in the industry.

Today, Regatta Real Estates may not be a recognized figure in the industry, but masses who know about it have been observed appreciating company’s righteousness in real land and farmhouse business.

The piece of information provided here is a self-experience, which I felt after purchasing 1-acre of the gated farmhouse in DLF Chattarpur. It took me more than 6 months to convince the company head to allow my blog to be published on the net. The company’s managing director finds it a type of company advertisement. The written information is my satisfaction that I am communicating through words.

The company provides the following services: 

  1. 1-acre, 2 acres, 2.5 acres, and 5 acres raw land farmhouses
  2. Readymade 2.5 acres of gates farmhouses
  3. 1-acre readymade gated farmhouse
  4. Mini farms

The locations are based in South Delhi area. Names are provided below:

  • AnsalSatbari
  • DLFChattarpur
  • Gadaipur
  • Sayoorpur
  • Bandh Road
  • Dera Mandi
  • Bhatti
  • Mulbary Lane DLFChattarpur
  • Gadaipur Triveni

In every deal, a customer receives the complete legal papers of the property, clear tiles, and value for money. Peace of mind and satisfaction are the two aspects where company ensures that no loopholes or negligence is provided. Regatta Real Estates is your true partner who helps you find a value for money farmhouse or raw land in South Delhi.