The Gated Farmhouse Colonies in South Delhi

Regatta Real Estates is one of the leading real estate companies in the South Delhi region. This real estate company only deals in gated 1 acre farmhouses, 2.5 acres farmhouses, 5 acre farmhouses and farms.

The real estate company provides demarcated Delhi registry with clear tiles. Further, the company has fully developed gated farmhouses available in location mentioned below:

  • AnsalSatbari
  • DLFChattarpur
  • Gadaipur
  • Sayoorpur
  • Bandh Road
  • Dera Mandi
  • Bhatti 


The places mentioned above are the prime locations situated adjacent to the South Delhi area. Where you prefer investing or decide to live-in, the gated farmhouses offer wide accommodation for luxurious and comfortable life style.

Moreover, the real estate company also has the following options available for the customers looking for big farms. The locations and areas are mentioned below:


With the recent development in South Delhi location, the rural development authorities have notified and passed the 1 Acre Farmhouse Policy in several location. Therefore, if you are in a hurry and looking for some well-connected farmhouse gated colonies, then the location listed below would be a help to you.

  • 1 acre farmhouse in Bandh Road
  • 1 acre in farmhouse Gadaipur Triveni
  • 1 acre in farmhouse Sayoorpur 


Getting in touch with Regatta Real Estates will provide you the reliability, legitimacy, professionalism, quality, appropriate deal, a peace of mind and satisfaction forever.